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Will Syria be the tripwire for WWIII?

06 Oct

“Russia’s Defense Ministry has cautioned the US-led coalition of carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions, adding in Syria there are numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems up and running.”

Source: ‘S-300, S-400 air defenses in place’: Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army — RT News

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Was the Cold War safer than today’s trip wires?

02 Oct

“Pundits have declared a “New Cold War.” If only! The Cold War was a time when leaders focused on reducing tensions between nuclear powers. What we have today is much more dangerous: Washington’s reckless and irresponsible aggression toward the other major nuclear powers, Russia and China.”

Source: Paul Craig Roberts Urges “Bring Back The Cold War”


The huge case against Hillary

01 Oct

“Hillary Clinton has the temperament to be president.” That statement is as absurd as confusing a wheelbarrow for a fighter jet. After 40 years in public life, Clinton speaks clearly and often…”

Source: Sorry, Hillary Clinton’s the one who’s unfit for the White House

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Hillary Clinton warmonger

01 Oct

“What makes Clinton dangerous is not the sort of incoherence reflected in Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach but a coherent yet far more dangerous advocacy of military dominance around the globe.”

Source: Hillary Clinton Never Met a War She Didn’t Want Other Americans to Fight

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The Clinton Conglomerate 

01 Oct

“The Clintons’ activities outside politics are both inspiring and worrying…”

Source: Bill and Hillary Inc.


It’s war, stupid

30 Sep

“The year was 1956: the icy winds of the cold war were blowing across the political landscape. And it was a presidential election year, pitting the internationalist Republican Dwight Eisenhower against Adlai Stevenson, the darling of the Democratic party’s left wing. The “isolationist” faction of the GOP, led by Sen. Robert A. Taft, had been […]”

Source: Libertarianism and War – Original


My Sept. 27 interview about Trump, Clinton and presidential politics

29 Sep

“As we have seen in the past 4 years and all throughout history, socialism doesn’t work. Quite frankly most of us understand the principle of redistribution of wealth is a robinhood effect. 6 years after the…”

Source: We’re Back! What’s Life Like Under A Trump Presidency


Donald Trump: the peace candidate

29 Sep

“For all Hillary Clinton’s reputation as a policy wonk, her debate performance consisted almost entirely of personal attacks. And while our media is out there proclaiming a Clinton ‘victory,’ their evaluation merely shows how distanced they are from ordinary Americans, who don’t revel in nastiness. Trump, on the other hand, although he allowed himself to …”

Source: The Debate: Trump’s Three Points for Peace – Original by —


The FBI’s political agenda 

26 Sep

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game and the FBI is complicit with the warmongers in Congress. 

“While we have gotten used to the neo-McCarthyite tactics employed by the Clinton campaign linking Donald Trump to the Kremlin, the whole disgraceful operation has reached a new low with the introduction of US law enforcement agencies into the mix. According to a report by Michael Isikoff – who has become the Judy Miller of …”

Source: The New Cold Warriors Sic the FBI on Donald Trump – Original by —


David Stockman’s spot on analysis

25 Sep


Hillary is numero uno terrorist, so says Mish

23 Sep

Source: Most Dangerous Person On the Planet Today: Hillary Clinton | MishTalk

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RFK’s Speechwriter for Trump

21 Sep

The Democratic Party has become something both JFK and RFK would deplore—the party of war.

Source: I Was RFK’s Speechwriter. Now I’m Voting for Trump. Here’s Why.

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Nonsense from a European political insider 

21 Sep

Every national government is responsible for protecting its people from foreign aggressors, and if they do not respect their own people’s individual rights, then it is time for a revolution—political or otherwise.    The United States has no moral standing to intervene around the world.  


“Former Danish prime minister and former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen says only the U.S. has the material and moral greatness to stop the slide into chaos, counter autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and foster peace.”

Source: The United States Must Be the World’s Policeman


America’s fall

20 Sep

“The year was 1955, the dawn of the cold war, and an old prophet was writing what would be his last book. It was a volume of history – The American Story, he called it – in which he reviewed the cavalcade of twists and turns that had brought us to that moment when we […]”

Source: America, the Helpless ‘Superpower’ – Original


 Worse Than 1929?

18 Sep

“Greg Hunter’s  Economic expert and best-selling author David Stockman offers a dire view of the deep financial trouble America faces in his new book titled “Trumped!”   Stockman war…”

Source: USA Watchdog Interview: Current Stock And Bond Bubbles Much Worse Than 1929