Investing Ideas

“To get rich is glorious.”  Deng Xiaoping

Preserving your wealth and growing your portfolio is a challenge during these volatile items.  Nevertheless, there are several investment advisory services I use to help me stay with the major market trends that also provide specific buy and sell recommendations.  They are:, edited by John Murphy and Arthur Hill.  Murphy and Hill use what is called technical analysis to uncover the major market trends in stock, bond, currencies and commodities (  In addition, there are scores of charts to view, some free and others require a subscription.

The Chartist is edited by Dan Sullivan and provides two services, a stock newsletter and a mutual fund/ ETF newsletter.  He uses both fundamental and technical analysis, with frequent email updates about market trends (

At, Carl Swenlin makes specific buy and sell recommendations using technical analysis tools he developed.   There is free material and a subscription service.  Charts galore.  (

I have no financial interest in any of these services.  I am a very satisfied subscriber just like the thousands of others who seek sound financial analysis from the above services.

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