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My Sept. 27 interview about Trump, Clinton and presidential politics

“As we have seen in the past 4 years and all throughout history, socialism doesn’t work. Quite frankly most of us understand the principle of redistribution of wealth is a robinhood effect. 6 years after the…”

Source: We’re Back! What’s Life Like Under A Trump Presidency

Just there facts

“Are you ready for the most anticipated presidential debate in decades?  It is being projected that Monday’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could potentially break the all-time record of 80 million viewers that watched Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter debate back in 1980.  Many Americans probably hope to see some personal fireworks between the two nominees, but the two candidates have both expressed a desire to focus on substantive issues.  There will likely be quite a few questions about the economy, and without a doubt this is an area where Trump and Clinton have some very sharp differences.  The mainstream media would have us believe that the U.S. economy is in pretty good shape, and if that was true that would seem to favor Clinton.  But is it actually true?  The following are 26 incredible facts about the economy that every American should know for the Trump-Clinton debate… #1 When Barack Obama entered the White House, the U.S. government was 10.6 trillion dollars..”

Source: 26 Incredible Facts About The Economy That Every American Should Know For The Trump-Clinton Debate

Nonsense from a European political insider 

Every national government is responsible for protecting its people from foreign aggressors, and if they do not respect their own people’s individual rights, then it is time for a revolution—political or otherwise.    The United States has no moral standing to intervene around the world.  


“Former Danish prime minister and former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen says only the U.S. has the material and moral greatness to stop the slide into chaos, counter autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and foster peace.”

Source: The United States Must Be the World’s Policeman

What two-party system?

Robert Wenzel takes down Sen. McConnell’s surrender to the Democrats.  George Wallace was right, there’s not a dime’s difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

America’s fall

“The year was 1955, the dawn of the cold war, and an old prophet was writing what would be his last book. It was a volume of history – The American Story, he called it – in which he reviewed the cavalcade of twists and turns that had brought us to that moment when we […]”

Source: America, the Helpless ‘Superpower’ – Original

Calling Donald…free trade increases prosperity

“In a targeted attack against trade with China, Donald Trump has claimed that America has lost high paying manufacturing jobs to China because China promotes its exports through subsidies, tax advantages, and currency…”

Source: Free Trade Brings Abundance — Protectionism Brings Scarcity | Mises Wire

Consummate insider economist tells the truth about crony trade agreements

Robert Wenzel presents the “confession” of Noble Laureate Joseph Stiglitz. 

 Worse Than 1929?

“Greg Hunter’s  Economic expert and best-selling author David Stockman offers a dire view of the deep financial trouble America faces in his new book titled “Trumped!”   Stockman war…”

Source: USA Watchdog Interview: Current Stock And Bond Bubbles Much Worse Than 1929

Wall Street and the federal government’s revolving door

For another perspective on the revolving door see Murray Rothbard’s monograph, Wall Street, Banks and American Foreign Policy.

“April 2015, Zero Hedge: “Gregg Berman will find a hospitable and well-paid position after spending 6 years defending the well-paying HFTs lobby. In all likelihood Berman will join the NY Fed’s shadow trading desk and the world’s most leveraged hedge fund, Citadel itself.”September 2016, WSJ: “Gregg Berman joins Citaldel.”

Source: The SEC’s Former Top “HFT Expert” Joins HFT Titan Citadel

Why the Iranians fear Israel


‘Former Secretary of State Colin Powell blew the lid off Israel’s hush-hush nuclear program — saying the country has 200 warheads pointed at Iran, according to his hacked emails. In the March 2015…”

Source: Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran, according to Powell emails

Your tax dollars at work

“And we may be less safe now than before we made that investment.”

Source: America Has Spent Nearly $5 Trillion on Wars Since 9/11

How to fund education in a free society

Another commission.  Puleez!  The only solution to “school funding” is to make each government school a 501(c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit funded by tuition, grants, endowment income and other non-coercive means.  No more commissions, no income tax, no school property tax, no more politicians running schools, no more federal government mandates,  no more state mandates…and finally teachers in control of curriculum and other educational matters and accountable to parents for the quality of their teaching.  As far as the educational needs of low income students throughout the state, families would create co-ops to educate their kids.

If you support the above proposals, you are a “revolutionary” who wants to create a free society.  Otherwise, you are a tinkerer of the status coercive quo.

“As the Senate President Steve Sweeney has the power to get his school-funding reforms enacted into law; instead he’s proposing setting up yet another committee…”

Source: Steve Sweeney could pass his school-funding reforms; instead he’s creating a commission

Trump’s social welfare agenda

More government intervention.  Robert Wenzel explains.

War and peace…

…the defining issue of our time.

Source: The Truth About War and the State – LewRockwell

The costs of 9/11

“The 9/11 attacks triggered a series of events that ended up killing, wounding and displacing hundreds of thousands, cost trillions of dollars, eroded civil liberties, diminished the US’s standing abroad and created a new generation of terrorists.”

Source: 9/11 Was Devastating. But Was the Response Even Worse? – WhoWhatWhy