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21 Oct

“How far will the U.S. media go to collude with the Clinton campaign?  How corrupt is the U.S. press corp? This research thread will answer those questions and more. Following the debate Hillary Cli…”

Source: Proof It’s Rigged – Clinton Campaign Caught Sequentially Seeding Presser Questions To Compliant Media…. | The Last Refuge


Democrats’ selective memory

20 Oct

“Pat Caddell called the media’s reaction to Trump’s statement that he will wait to see if he will accept election results “selective memory.”

Source: Caddell: Media Have ‘Selective Memory’ When It Comes to Democrats Accepting Election Results

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Rigged elections 

20 Oct

Source: On Rigging The Election

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Voter fraud? It is real according to election official.

13 Oct

Investigate!  Where are the intrepid media sleuths?


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