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Donald:  How To Succeed as President 

What the hell do you have to lose?  Replace American’s failed welfare-warfare state with liberty and free enterprise.  The American people will thank you and people around the world will thank you.   [Originally published July 17, 2016.) Source: 7 Things Trump Must Do

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End the “war on drugs”

Prohibition creates black markets and the deaths of innocent people throughout the country by the police hell bent on fighting this “war.”  Despicable  collateral damage.  Where is the supposed compassion of our elected officials and judges? “Nickoy Ellis was sentenced … Continue reading

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Enough is enough!

Time to end the failed “war on drugs.”   “In April, openDemocracy was in New York to meet the Caravan Activists, a remarkable group of men and women, who have lost loved ones to the ‘war on drugs’. Now they … Continue reading

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