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Bill Weld…Quisling and Hillary Shill

03 Nov

The Johnson-Weld ticket is an embarrassment.  They should do what my high school teacher told my class on several occasions:  “It is better to appear dumb than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”  Pack it in boys.

Source: Bill Weld is Hillary Clinton’s Libertarian Party Surrogate

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Will this ad catapult Gary Johnson into the debates?

27 Aug

“Like a two horse race where one horse cheats, and the other one eats Muslims.”

Source: This Hilarious (But Accurate) Ad for a Gary Johnson Vote Is the Best Political Ad Ever | RedState

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Tom Woods and I discuss the GOP convention

21 Jul

A great website…including hundreds of podcast with top analysts dissecting the welfare-warfare state.

“What’s going on at the Republican Convention, and in the 2016 race? What should we think of Trump and the Giuliani/Christie convention? And what’s likely to…”

Source: Ep. 698 A Libertarian Look at the Republican Convention 2016 | Tom Woods

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This would have been Ron Paul’s year

12 Jul

Timing is everything in politics.  Ron would get at least 20% of the vote in November if he were the Libertarian Party nominee.

“The last time people were this dissatisfied with presidential candidates, Ross Perot became a third-party success story. This year, however, there are new hurdles for outsiders.”

Source: Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren’t Third Parties Doing Better?


Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul

09 Jul

What were Libertarians thinking when they nominated Gary Johnson for President?

“Where are libertarians going? What is clear is where they are not going. The much-touted “libertarian moment,” as a New York Times Magazine article phrased it two years ago, never materialized. …”

Source: Who’s the Libertarian Now?


The Libertarian Party is dead. RIP

23 Jun

Justin Raimondo tweets about the CNN town hall with Gary Johnson and William Weld.

Source: Target Liberty: TOTAL ABORTION The “Libertarian” Town Hall Event on CNN

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