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From Clinton to Trump

26 Sep

Scott Adams lays out the switcheroo.  

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A proposal for “tax fairness” and provide funds for the Transportation Trust Fund

01 Jul

Gov. Christie and legislative leaders are at impasse. They could not agree on a package of tax cuts and a hike in the “gas tax”, a user fee, (which is the only “fair” way to fund roads and bridges in today’s political environment) provide tax relief for the people of New Jersey and fund the depleted Transportation Trust Fund. The governor has ordered transportation projects halted as of today even though there appears to be enough money to fund projects until August 1.

Rather than go over all the details in the Sarlo-Oroho compromise that appeared to have enough bipartisan support to pass both houses of the legislature with enough votes to override Gov. Christie’s veto, the governor at the last moment calls for a 1% drop in the sales tax to 6% in the name of “tax fairness”.

If Gov. Christie wants more “tax fairness” in New Jersey, he should reduce all taxes for individuals and businesses. All taxes are unfair because they are coerced from the people who earned the income being taxed in the first place. In other words, all taxes should be cut, anytime not only for “fairness” but also to provide more of the resources people and businesses need to achieve their goals in life.

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Cutting taxes is always good; government spending must be reined in

28 Jun

The annual kabuki dance in Trenton known as the budget negotiations is a mixed bag as usual. Reducing the sales tax is long overdue.  The income tax should be reduced as well.   The passing out of the estate tax is off the table as well as the charitable deduction.  Deductions are good; they reduce taxes.  Spending is increasing.  We will see how much spending Gov. Christie will eliminate from the proposed budget.  


“Governor Christie and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto on Monday upended the plan to fund transportation projects and instead tried to pass their own: Raise the gas tax by about 23 cents per gallon, and in exchange chop the state sales tax over two years from 7 percent to 6 percent.”

Source: Sales tax cut may help offset pain at the pump – News –

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The battle over taxes in Trenton

16 Jun

A bipartisan group of New Jersey lawmakers are balking raising the “gas tax” and eliminating the estate tax. (There are additional tax cutting provisions in the gas tax bill, which would reduce taxes on average families by more than $1000 per year.) It is understandable why Republican legislators do not want to raise the “gas tax”; it would shatter the myth they are paragons of fiscal conservatism. Democrats, on the other, hand not want to eliminate the estate tax claiming it is a giveaway to the state’s wealthiest residents.

Sen. Raymond Lesniak, who may run for the Democratic nomination for governor next year, said the compromise proposal on the table is an example of “tax injustice.” All taxes are unjust because they are coercive. Taxes are an involuntary exchanges (legalized theft), hence they violate a fundamental principle that supposedly we all supposedly embrace, theft is wrong. Yet when it comes to taxes the notion of justice is thrown out the window and replaced with “needs” of the people, but more accurately the “needs” of the government.

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