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What Donald Trump should have said last night

22 Jul

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention last night could have been a lot shorter and focused on espousing the virtues of limited government and free enterprise.

First, Donald should have used several props, such as the first 1040 form, which was only four pages long. He should have said that a tax return of 1914 was simple and allowed the federal government to raise the funds it needed to pay for its expenses 100 years ago, when only 2% of the American people had to pay any income tax. In addition, today large and medium-sized businesses need an army of accountants and attorneys to comply with the tax code. That’s money that cannot be used to buy better equipment, modernize their factories, and thus make American workers more productive, which would earn them higher salaries.

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Invisible Black Lives Lost

15 Jul

“Twenty-one murder victims were not killed by white cops, they are invisible men. Evidently, these black lives don’t matter.”

Source: What About Other Black Lives Lost?

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So much for “police protection,” if true

15 Jul

Next week we will see if the police protect the public from thugs. If they don’t, then the myth of police protection wil be shattered. 

“If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone.”

Source: Cleveland Police have Issued “Stand Down” Order at RNC » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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End the “war on drugs”

14 Jul

Prohibition creates black markets and the deaths of innocent people throughout the country by the police hell bent on fighting this “war.”  Despicable  collateral damage.  Where is the supposed compassion of our elected officials and judges?

“Nickoy Ellis was sentenced to five years in NJ state prison for charges including official misconduct, according to authorities.”

Source: Former NJ corrections officer smuggled drugs into prison, authorities say

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Walter Williams lays down the gauntlet

12 Jul

“President Barack Obama and his first attorney general, Eric Holder, called for an honest conversation about race. Holder even called us “a nation of cowards” because we were unwilling to have a “national conversation” about race. The truth of the matter is there’s been more than a half-century of conversations about race. We do not need more. Instead, black people need to have frank conversations among ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable and embarrassing the topics may be.”

Source: Challenges for Black People

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Private security…responding to consumer demand

11 Jul

How a free, decentralized society would keep people and neighborhoods safe. 


“Abolition of the public sector means, of course, that all pieces of land, all land areas, including streets and roads, would be owned privately, by individuals, corporations, cooperatives, or any other voluntary groupings of individuals and capital.”

Source: Privatize the Police | Mises Wire

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Good advice on how to deal with the police

08 Jul

Source: Target Liberty: How To Really Deal With Police When You Are Confronted By Them

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