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It’s Liberty vs. Power

07 Nov

“The main issue in the world today is globalism versus national sovereignty, and it is playing out in the politics of countries on every continent. In the United States, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s critique of globalism – encapsulated in his campaign theme of “America First” – has galvanized a mass movement opposed to the …”

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Why Jews—And Others–Should Not Vote for Hillary on Tuesday

06 Nov

Fifty years ago on a sunny Sunday morning in April, I was watching a television program (channel 7 in New York) about Passover. Although I don’t remember the specifics of the whole program, I do remember vividly a statement made by Rabbi who responded to a question from the host, “The essence of Judaism is the sanctity of the individual” (emphasis added).

When I heard these words and realized that the uniqueness of every individual human being is the core of our journey in life, it was not long after watching that program that I learned about libertarianism and how this political philosophy dovetails with Judaism. In fact, after I was the New Jersey’s Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor in 1997 I was invited by Rabbi to speak to his congregation on a Friday night. My topic that evening was in keeping with what I heard 20 years earlier, “Why Jews should be libertarians.”

My message that evening nearly 20 years ago was clear. Given the history of the Jews, government is the last institution they should trust. And the fact that Moses gave the world the Ten Commandments, two of which are the foundation of libertarianism, “Thou shalt not steal,” and “Thou shalt not kill,” Jews should be in favor of either a stateless society or very limited government in which the “government fears the people” and not the other way around.

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A libertarian manifesto 

02 Nov

Source: No Matter Who’s Prez

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Obamacare chaos 

30 Oct

“I think you do have to say that A, it’s failing and that B, I think next year, you’re going to have a bunch of people that don’t get the subsidies that make the premiums a little bit more affordable that are just going to riot because it’s just too expensive for most people if you don’t qualify for subsidies.”

Source: Economist Predicts Rising Obamacare Costs Will Lead To Riots


Trump’s Missed Opportunities… Hillary’s left-wing agenda and warmongering

20 Oct

Since it’s midterm time let me give each candidate a letter grade for last night’s debate performance. Donald gets a B- and Hillary gets her usual F, for her collectivist ideology, trickle-down economics, and continued warmongering.

Donald missed several opportunities to hit a grand slam for the night, which would’ve turned his performance into an A+. Let me explain.

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President Obama:  economic illiterate. Hillary is cut from the same cloth.

13 Oct

Robert Wenzel points out an inconvenient truth.  Barack is clueless. 

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Open memo to Donald Trump

10 Oct

To:  Donald Trump

From:  Murray Sabrin

At last night’s debate you missed an opportunity to make the case that income inequality, reoccurring bubbles and lower living standards for both low and middle-income families are the direct result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies.

At the next debate you should spend most of the night talking how the Federal Reserve has caused havoc in the US economy since it began operations in 1914.

You should take out a one-dollar bill and point out that it’s only worth a nickel today, because the Fed’s monetary policy has caused a massive decline in the purchasing power of the greenback.

You should also point out that the Fed’s manipulation of interest rates causes unsustainable booms, and when the economy overheats the Fed tightens credit triggering the inevitable readjustment in the economy, now euphemistically called a recession.

You should also point out that Hillary Clinton’s support of the Federal Reserve means that she endorses the massive redistribution of income from Main Street to Wall Street, because savers have been getting virtually zero interest rates on their savings since quantitative easing began in 2008.  Wall Street is the epicenter of crony capitalism in America.

You should point out that Hillary probably told the bankers in her secret presentations that when she becomes president the Fed will continue to keep the money flowing so they can reap enormous benefits from its cheap money policies.

You should also point out as you have in the past that the bubble we are in courtesy of Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen will not end well for the US economy.

You should say when I’m president don’t blame me for the next economic downturn, which will be caused again by the Fed’s reckless monetary policies. Recessions are not caused by tax cuts, spending cuts, or deregulation of American businesses.

And point out that the Federal Reserve enables the federal government to take on massive amounts of debt because it keeps interest rates low thereby reducing the Treasury’s interest rate expenses on the national debt.

And this is quite important Donald that you point out, the Federal Reserve makes it easy for the federal government to wage undeclared wars by pumping up the money supply to help pay for the massive military industrial complex we have that Pres. Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address in January 1961.

Donald, if you want to brush up on the Fed and monetary policy, here are a few suggestions for you to read before the next debate so you will have all the necessary responses to the moderators and Hillary’s cluelessness about how the Fed’s policies adversely affect the economy.

See the essays, articles and books about the Fed here.

I would start with Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money?, and Robert Wenzel’s The Fed Flunks.

Pointing out the truth about the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and crony capitalism would seal the deal.  And you know all about dealmaking.



Out of the blue?  

08 Oct

“Here are nine ‘black swan’ events in recent memory that profoundly changed markets, ranging from the Asian financial crisis of 1997 to the more current Brexit.”

Source: Black Swans: 9 Recent Events That Changed Finance Forever


The Kiwis embrace of freedom has paid off

24 Sep

“New Zealand privatized, cut the budget, reduced taxes, and generally freed up enterprise, and just look at the wonderful results.”

Source: New Zealands Remarkable Economic Transformation | Foundation for Economic Education

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Trump’s social welfare agenda

14 Sep

More government intervention.  Robert Wenzel explains.

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Black markets kill

29 Aug

In a free market, consumer goods are remarkably heterogeneous. We don’t just buy ketchup, we have to choose between regular, organic, reduced sugar, low sodium, and umpteen other variations. Just as importantly, we have to choose between Heinz, Hunts, Great Value, and other brands.”

Source: How Legal, Branded Heroin Would Make Drugs Safer | Mises Wire

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The Lack of EpiPen Competitors is the FDA’s Fault

25 Aug

“There’s a new bout of outrage over an expensive medicine or medical treatment. While the good in question changes each time, the blame always seems to fall on greedy corporation…”

Source: The Lack of EpiPen Competitors is the FDA’s Fault

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Free enterprise lowers prices increasing living standards.  Here is the proof.

19 Aug

“Monopoly products and services go up in price, while competitive ones go down.”

Source: Why Luxury TVs Are Affordable when Basic Health Care Is Not | Foundation for Economic Education

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What to Expect from a Clinton Presidency: Anti-Libertarian Activism

25 Jul

A thirst for power and money.  That’s Michael Rozeff’s assessment of Hillary

Source: What to Expect from a Clinton Presidency: Anti-Libertarian Activism

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Tim Kaine:  economic illiterate 

24 Jul

Tim Kaine reveals he is another economic illiterate in the US Senate who may be the next vice president of the Untied States.  His statement  that the federal government “creates” jobs is absolute nonsense.  He also states: “We will make college debt free for everybody. We’ll rewrite the rules so companies share profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas.”  In other words, more entitlements and more economic fascism.  He also wants, “paid family leave, equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage to a living wage ‘to keep families together and to bring them out of the shadows.’ ”  He and Hillary are economic authoritarians.  

“Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while introducing running mate Tim Kaine in Florida, slammed Donald Trump and last week’s Republican National Convention as painting a dismal picture of America’s future.”

Source: Clinton Promises With Kaine: We Will Make the Future Better

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