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The hits keep coming 

02 Nov

The MSM have become an arm of the Democratic Party.

Source: Wikileaks Exposes Collusion Between Clinton Campaign, State Department, And New York Times

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Watch your back! Investigate!

31 Oct

Source: Those Threats Are Real

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Trump moving the needle in FL and NC

28 Oct

“The media continues to sell a specific election narrative that’s in their best interests.  To sell the narrative they generally rely on “Media Polls”.  We had previously predicted…”

Source: Update Florida and North Carolina – Early Vote/Ballot Data Show Advantages for Donald Trump…. | The Last Refuge

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21 Oct

“How far will the U.S. media go to collude with the Clinton campaign?  How corrupt is the U.S. press corp? This research thread will answer those questions and more. Following the debate Hillary Cli…”

Source: Proof It’s Rigged – Clinton Campaign Caught Sequentially Seeding Presser Questions To Compliant Media…. | The Last Refuge