States face pension fund gap approaching $1 trillion

Gross mismanagement by the policital class.

‘State pension funds are looking at a $1 trillion shortfall in what they owe workers in benefits, according to new data from The Pew Charitable Trusts.”

Source: States face pension fund gap approaching $1 trillion

US Communists embrace Hillary

How’s that for bedfellows?

“WASHINGTON – The Communist Party USA may not control many actual votes, but what they lack in support is made up for in enthusiasm. That passion was in full display with a seven-person team of “reporters” covering their national political convention last month. And their convention was the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary Rodham […]”

Source: Communist Party unites behind Hillary

The Dems are being exposed by Wikileaks…

“Julian Assange has done it again: exposed the inner workings – and crimes – of our political class, that is. This time his target is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, whose emails were hacked by a Romanian who calls himself “Guccifer 2.0,” and posted online by WikiLeaks. As revelations tumble out of the …”

Source: The Hunt for Red Trump-tober – Original by —

Down with “Leadership”: Against the Election | Mises Institute

“The opening lecture of Mises University 2016. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 24 July 2016.”

Source: Down with “Leadership”: Against the Election | Mises Institute

Excellent roundup of what happened in Cleveland

The Trumps are left leaning middle-of-the roaders.  One of Trump’s ideas that is resonating with some libertarians is his skepticism of foreign intervention.

Source: Target Liberty: Crazed Neocons Aren’t Always Wrong….

Thumbs down for both Donald and Hillary

“In both their policies and personalities, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the natural offspring of the upside-down incentives of the political plunderland that the American system has degenerated into: where governance is perverted into a regime of kleptocratic power-grabbing and the paternalistic social engineering of human relationships.”

Source: Donald and Hillary in Plunderland | Foundation for Economic Education

Trump blows it by picking Pence

“Donald Trump has done his country great service by simply telling the truth, tearing a few holes in the great fabric of lies that makes up American public discourse. The American people have responded to his boldness and independence.”

Source: Oh, Donald, Say It Ain’t So | Chronicles Magazine

After Labor Day, the Democrats may have buyers’ remorse

If Hillary were a “strong” candidate, she would be leading Trump by HUGE margins now. Bernie revealed her weaknesses, and if he had hammered her about the emails, it is possible he would be the nominee.

“Some people were freaked out,” says one senator who attended the meeting.

Source: Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in meeting with Clinton

Using their positions for personal benefit

Public authorities have become too powerful, having control over the private sector. Another dagger in New Jersey’s reputation.  No wonder businesses are hesitant to relocate here.  

“Federal authorities have charged former state Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox with conspiring to commit bribery, in a count tied his role as a lobbyist for United Airlines and the case against…”

Source: Fox charged with conspiring to commit bribery as Samson pleads guilty over ‘Chairman’s Flight’ | NJBIZ

This would have been Ron Paul’s year

Timing is everything in politics.  Ron would get at least 20% of the vote in November if he were the Libertarian Party nominee.

“The last time people were this dissatisfied with presidential candidates, Ross Perot became a third-party success story. This year, however, there are new hurdles for outsiders.”

Source: Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren’t Third Parties Doing Better?