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Ayn Rand, Jesus and the morality of the welfare state

16 Jun

In the summer of 1969, my wife and I were visiting her sister’s family in Utica, New York.  One day we took a ride to Syracuse and stopped in a bookstore where I bought a copy of Ayn Rand’s Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.  Having been a history major and interested in economic issues, I eagerly read the collection of essays by Rand, Alan Greenspan and others.  I especially was intrigued with Alan Greenspan’s “Gold and Economic Freedom,” where he makes the case that the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies of the 1920s caused the boom that led to the stock market crash.

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The New York Times hates Ron Paul

15 Jun

The word has gone forth from the upper echelon of the New York Times; Rep. Ron Paul is to be treated with the utmost disrespect—again–in our coverage of the Republican presidential primary campaign.  What else explains the disingenuous front-page article (“Candidates show G.O.P less united on goals of war,” June 15th)?

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Ron Paul and the Pandering Six

14 Jun

At the GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire on June 13th, the seven candidates gently sparred on most of the issues that have taken front and center in the campaign—jobs, Medicare, taxes, government spending, and military intervention.  Rep. Michele Bachmann announced she would make her formal announcement for president soon.

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Anthony Weiner: Power hungry narcissist

07 Jun

Rep. Anthony Weiner now admits he lied after denying to the press for several days he sent lewd photos from his Twitter account to women he does not know.  The New York City representative, who has been an elected official for 20 years, virtually all his adult life, lied through his teeth to everyone about his extracurricular activities.

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