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Hillary’s shortcomings are…

10 Oct

“Last night’s presidential debate was the latest episode in what appears to be a prolonged infomercial for Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s..”

Source: Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Like Edward Snowden


It’s war, stupid

30 Sep

“The year was 1956: the icy winds of the cold war were blowing across the political landscape. And it was a presidential election year, pitting the internationalist Republican Dwight Eisenhower against Adlai Stevenson, the darling of the Democratic party’s left wing. The “isolationist” faction of the GOP, led by Sen. Robert A. Taft, had been […]”

Source: Libertarianism and War – Original


Judge Napolitano makes the case against Hillary.  Trump does not measure up, however.  

29 Sep

Source: She Clobbered Him

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David Stockman’s spot on analysis

25 Sep


Unraveling the warfare state

17 Sep

Source: ‘Peace and Prosperity 2016′ – The Movie


War and peace…

12 Sep

…the defining issue of our time.

Source: The Truth About War and the State – LewRockwell


The costs of 9/11

11 Sep

“The 9/11 attacks triggered a series of events that ended up killing, wounding and displacing hundreds of thousands, cost trillions of dollars, eroded civil liberties, diminished the US’s standing abroad and created a new generation of terrorists.”

Source: 9/11 Was Devastating. But Was the Response Even Worse? – WhoWhatWhy


San Francisco Review of Books: Socialism Destroyed

22 Jul

Robert Wenzel reviews Tom DiLorenzo’s new book.

Source: San Francisco Review of Books: Socialism Destroyed


What Donald Trump should have said last night

22 Jul

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention last night could have been a lot shorter and focused on espousing the virtues of limited government and free enterprise.

First, Donald should have used several props, such as the first 1040 form, which was only four pages long. He should have said that a tax return of 1914 was simple and allowed the federal government to raise the funds it needed to pay for its expenses 100 years ago, when only 2% of the American people had to pay any income tax. In addition, today large and medium-sized businesses need an army of accountants and attorneys to comply with the tax code. That’s money that cannot be used to buy better equipment, modernize their factories, and thus make American workers more productive, which would earn them higher salaries.

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You can just call me Jeff

20 Jul

Tom DiLorenzo sent me a copy of his new book, The Problem With Socialism, with the following inscription.  You can hear Tom Woods interview Tom here.  This book should be a best seller based on my review of the contents.   I will read it ASAP and discuss it in a future post. 

Tom's kind words


GOP convention begins…

19 Jul

and Robert Wenzel tells it like it is…a beating of the war drums.  I heard Sen. Jodi Ernst speak, and it was clear why Trump did not choose her as the VP.  She is a terrible speaker. 

Source: Target Liberty: Republican Convention Night One: Insanity


Thumbs down for both Donald and Hillary

18 Jul

“In both their policies and personalities, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the natural offspring of the upside-down incentives of the political plunderland that the American system has degenerated into: where governance is perverted into a regime of kleptocratic power-grabbing and the paternalistic social engineering of human relationships.”

Source: Donald and Hillary in Plunderland | Foundation for Economic Education


The Criminal Rip-Off Called Socialism

18 Jul

Tom DiLorenzo’s new book is published today. 


Source: The Criminal Rip-Off Called Socialism


An insightful assessment of our political culture

16 Jul

Law professor Butler Shaffer tells it like it is regarding our anti-humane culture.

Source: Thought Control

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A reader responds to the open letter to Trump

13 Jul
Rick Merkt, former assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate, emails:
“One of the interesting observations I have made over a lifetime:  “Liberals” a/k/a “Progressives” believe as an article of faith (Perish the thought!) that the smartest man (or woman) in the world should be charge of everything, because, obviously, he (or she) is more qualified to decide everything than the poor average Joe.  They really, actually believe this!  It never occurs to them that even the smartest person in the world couldn’t possibly access or process the number of inputs necessary to reach a right decision on most complex matters.  This is why the “invisible hand” of the market works, where individual or collective “geniuses” fail repeatedly.  To be sure, the market commits its errors — in fact, all the time.  Yet, perhaps because it is not hobbled by ego, the market constantly adjusts for its mistakes, disciplines the losers, and rewards the winners, all to the greater benefit of society.

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