Anthony Weiner: Power hungry narcissist

07 Jun

Rep. Anthony Weiner now admits he lied after denying to the press for several days he sent lewd photos from his Twitter account to women he does not know.  The New York City representative, who has been an elected official for 20 years, virtually all his adult life, lied through his teeth to everyone about his extracurricular activities.

Although Weiner admitted he lied and lied and lied, the congressman said he would not resign from Congress.  Good for him.  He fits right in the “people’s house.”   Lying, deceiving, power hungry narcissism—these are the common traits of many members of Congress.  That is why America is in the mess we are in—an overreaching government at home based on several Ponzi schemes and a foreign policy determined to make war a permanent component of our foreign policy.

Members of Congress have been on a power trip for decades—creating laws to control the American people by making them more and more dependent on the federal government for the necessities of life and debasing our money.  In addition, our bipartisan foreign policy feeds the military-industrial complex, which is partly responsible for the $1.5 trillion budget deficit.

Rep. Weiner, one of the most left-wing members of Congress, not only has lusted for the power to rule over the public for all his adult life he also is a lascivious cretin.  He should stay in Congress to remind the American people that the political elite in Washington DC do not give a damn about them but only want to indulge in their own power lust and self indulgent escapades.

Several years ago, the comedian Mel Brooks started a campaign to bring back the word schmuck to everyday use.  Mr. Brooks can accelerate his efforts by having Anthony Weiner pose as his poster boy.


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