Hillary Clinton: queen of the non sequiturs

11 Jun

At yesterday’s Planned Parenthood conference Hillary Clinton said the following:  “We need to defend Planned Parenthood against partisan attacks. If right-wing politicians actually cared as much about protecting women’s health as they say they do, they’d join me in calling for more federal funding for Planned Parenthood.”

Hillary Clinton the law school graduate, must have flunked constitutional law.  Where oh where in the US Constitution, specifically Article I, Section 8, which outlines the authorized activities of the federal government, is a woman’s health or a man’s health or a child’s health the responsibility of the federal government.  Cleverly, Hillary and her ilk, including Republican politicians, support the notion that if people have a  “need”, there must be a federal government program to deal with it.    This is unadulterated Marxism:  From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

And that’s the real issue facing America–the Marxist culture that is now mainstream.

If Hillary and Bill and Chelsea want to help women, they should use their multi million dollar foundation to address women’s health issues.  That’s the right way to help women.

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