Hillary wants to run our lives

10 Jun

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said the  following about  Donal Trump:  “While he may have some catchy soundbites, his statements on the economy are dangerously incoherent.  They are deeply misguided, and they reflect an individual who is temperamentally unfit to manage the American economy.” (emphasis added)

In one sentence Hillary reveals her economic illiteracy.   The POTUS cannot “manage” the U.S. economy.  No one in the world can manage any economy, let alone our $19 trillion economy.  Imagine if someone said “I can manage your town’s economy.  Just give me the power and I will create a vibrant downtown with great boutiques, restaurants,and other shops.”  An economy thrives when entrepreneurs have the freedom to produce, distribute and sell and what consumers want.  This is called free enterprise. Politicians cannot create wealth.  Government cannot create wealth.  Murray Rothbard pointed this out decades ago. Free people are the engine of the economy.  

Throughout the primary campaign, I did not hear Hillary articulate any  statement that indicates she knows how an economy really works.  She should read Kel Kelly’s essay.  So should Bernie and Donald. After they read the essay, they would not make foolish remarks about the economy, interest rates, banking, etc.

As the general  election unfolds, I will continue to highlight Hillary’s economic illiteracy.  Yesterday, President Obama stated  in his endorsement of her candidacy, she is the most qualified individual ever to run for president.  That is a true statement, if economic illiteracy is the criteria by which to measure a “qualified” presidential candidates.



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