Ignore the pundits, Ron Paul is winning big

08 Sep

Despite being asked the least amount of questions at the NBC/Politico debate at the Reagan Library on September 7, Rep. Ron Paul is winning even though he is only third in the national polls.  How is that possible?  Because the other candidates are sounding more and more like Ron Paul as the primary season unfolds.

On virtually every major issue, the seven dwarfs have taken pages out of the Ron Paul handbook for restoring the American Republic.  On military adventurism, some of the candidates sounded like Ron Paul who has been calling for ending the reckless nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq that has cost the American economy trillions of dollars, destroyed property and killed hundereds of thousands military personnel and civilians, and having opposed the illegal military action against Libya .

Although Ron Paul has been a critic of the Federal Reserve since he was first elected to Congress in 1976, Newt Gingrich virtually plagarized Paul’s critique during the debate.  Even Rick Perry plagiarized one of Ron Paul’s criticism–Social Security among many federal government programs is not authorized by the Constitution and young people should be given the opportunity to save for their own retirement so we can end the inter generational chainletter once-and-for-all.  On healthcare, Ron  Paul, a physician, was not asked a question about the subject, but the other candidates were given the opportunity to go after ObamaCare.

On taxes and spending and government regulation, the seven pretenders claimed to be for limited government but support the welfare-warfare state to one degree or another.  On regulation, Ron Paul gave a short answer but missed a golden opportunity to show how the market regulates itself by pointing out that Underwriters Laboratory and Consumers Union provide consumers with  non-government information about products so they can make a wise decision in the marketplace.

And on civil liberties, Ron Paul is standing heads and shoulders above his opponents for his scathing critique of the TSA’s abuses at the airports.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Ron Paul is the most flattered candidate seeking the Republican nomination for president, because the seven dwarfs are sounding more like the good doctor, peacemaker and free market advocate.


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