Neocons in a panic, liberty is within our reach

25 Nov

Justin Raimondo explains why neoconservatives prefer war instead of diplomacy, and why Ron Paul is the greatest threat to their reckless foreign policies. With Newt toeing the “party line,” namely, that the Patriot Act is the best thing since sliced bread, he has become the darling of the fear mongers.  Rep. Ron Paul made the case why the American people should not give up their liberties for security, a principle the Founding Fathers embraced without reservation.

In the 1950s, we were told there were “communists under our beds,” and therefore we had to create a huge military industrial complex to prevent a commie takeover of Americaor we would be annihilated in a nuclear first strike.  Communism is an unworkable social system and contains the seeds of its own destruction.  Communism collapsed without any help from us.  In fact, there is evidence the United States government helped prop up communist regimes. Anthony Sutton’s researchinto this topic is so politically incorrect that it is never discussed in the mainstream media,

According to Newt, the latest infatuation of the neoconservatives, terrorists are crawling all over America ready to detonate a nuke.  That was his message at last week’s national security debate.  Therefore, according to the “smartest guy on the stage.” we need the Patriot Act to thwart the unthinkable.  In short, Newt wants to take America into unchartered territory, creating a police state.  Instead of questioning the federal government’s liberal interverntionist policies in the Middle Eastand the rest of the world, Newt wants to hasten our financial implosion with unlimited military spending.  With politicicans like Newt who needs “foreign enemies” when our “leaders” in DC are hastening the economic decline of America.

Meanwhile, a poll commissioned by the RevolutionPAC  shows Ron Paul leading in the Iowa caucuses.  In the caucuses, Democrats and Independents can participate.  In 2008, Huckabee easily won the Iowa caucus, while the eventual GOP presidential nominee, John McCain, came in a distant fourth, only to win the New Hampshire primary that catapulted him into becoming the front-runner.

McCain lost the presidential election because the economy tanked thanks to George W. Bush and Ben Bernanke, and voters were not about to give the presidency to another Republican, especially one who promised more war in the Middle East.  Instead, young voters were captivated with the “hope and change” candidate and put the charismatic senator from Illinois in the White House, who for all intents and purposes has given us Bush’s third term—more spending, more war, more cheap money and bigger government.

America can be restored with the right policies, not continuing the welfare-warfare state.  That is why the RevolutionPAC was created—to help Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination and then the presidency. Our December 5 event, “Why Ron Paul is Right,’ is drawing interest from around the country.

We hope you will become part of history, helping elect the most pro free enterprise, most pro limited government, most pro civil liberties, most pro diplomacy candidate to seek the presidency of the United States.  Your support of the PAC”s December 5 event is one step in helping Ron Paul win the presidency so he can protect our civil liberties, revitalize our economy, end the FED, and bring the troops home.

A victory for liberty is knocking on the door, please open it and participate in America’s second revolution.

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