The Clintons checked all the boxes to pick Kaine as their VP

The Clintons are savvy political operators.  They checked the following “boxes” and Kaine became Hillary’s running mate.  To see where Sen. Kaine stands on the issues, visit

  • White
  • Male
  • Catholic
  • Spanish speaker
  • Popular Senator of important electoral state
  • Pro Second Amendment favoring “commons sense” gun restrictions
  • Pro life but votes pro choice
  • Unequivocal supporter of welfare state
  • Supports managed trade deals
  • Perennially insider—council member, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor and senator
  • Pro military intervention as long as Congress is consulted and approves
  • Will not upstage Hillary and will be an obedient second banana

“Hillary Clinton chose her running partner Friday evening.”

Source: Hillary Clinton chooses Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate

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