The liberty dream ticket for 2012: Ron Paul and Mike Doherty

13 Dec

With the announcement last week that Congressman Ron Paul will chair the House Financial Services subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, Dr. Paul’s media exposure has risen exponentially.  Today, the New York Times has a front-page article about the congressman, without any snide remarks that would typically be included in a piece about “Dr. No.”  On Sunday, the Week in Review section of the New York Times ran an article about Congressman Paul and the Federal Reserve.

For the next two years, Dr. Paul’s will be the second most visible congressman in Washington, only to be overshadowed by incoming GOP House Speaker John Boehner.  At the helm of the House committee that will have direct oversight of the Federal Reserve, Dr. Paul will be in the position to shed light on how the Federal Reserve operates, creating money out-of-thin air, causing inflation and the boom-bust cycle.

In other words, Ron will be able to reveal why bankers agitated for the Federal Reserve more than 100 years ago, why Wall Street and the banking community support the money and banking cartel, and why the FED should be abolished.  He then can bring in witnesses before his committee to explain why the dollar should once again be as “good as gold,” which would end forever the debasement of our money and the manipulation of interest rates.

For the next two years, Ron Paul would be leading the charge on behalf of most Americans who are being “screwed’ by the FED’s virtually zero interest rate policy. He would also point out how the FED’s policies redistribute income and wealth from low- and middle-income Americans to the military industrial complex, the welfare state establishment, including the army of bureaucrats who produce nothing and do not provide any valuable service to the American people.  In other words, Ron would be able to calmly and systematically reveal that the millions of government bureaucrats—society’s tax consumers–are nothing more than paper pushers and cogs in the federal leviathan sending out checks to keep the welfare-warfare state afloat.

In short, Ron would be the most visible critic of the welfare-warfare in the history of the country.  He would have a platform to highlight that FED’s “quantitative easing”—massive legalized counterfeiting—is vital to keeping America’s Ponzi schemes going and maintaining the federal government’s empire overseas.

In the meantime, Ron Paul supporters are waiting to see if he will seek the GOP nomination for president in 2012.  Several weeks ago, I wrote that he should seek the GOP presidential nomination.  With all that we know now about the FED’s multi-trillion bailouts of the past couple of years, the American people needs a president who will begin phasing out the welfare-warfare state’s destructive policies.

Ron should announce that he is seeking the GOP presidential nomination as soon as he and his family believe it is in his best interests to do so.  Ron should also announce that if nominated he would ask New Jersey state senator Mike Doherty to be his running mate.

Mike’s resume makes him an ideal running mate for Ron.   Mike is an Irish-Catholic, West Point graduate who served in Europe on top-secret projects, a member of the state legislature and previously a county freeholder who defied a judge’s order to spend more money risking imprisonment.  Mike is pro-life, pro Second Amendment, pro free enterprise, pro limited government, and a critic of our interventionist foreign policy.  Moreover, Mike has taken the lead in criticizing the TSA’s egregious procedures at the nation’s airports. A man of great courage, Mike was the only New Jersey legislator who endorsed Ron for president in 2008.  Actually, Mike introduced Ron at the massive Philadelphia rally in November 2007.

The free market, limited government, anti-interventionist position is gaining strength.  As Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

The clock is ticking; the day of reckoning is getting closer.   The political and financial elites hijacked and transformed America into a welfare-warfare state fear Ron Paul and his ideas.  A Ron Paul-Mike Doherty presidential ticket in 2012 will accelerate the resurrection of America even if they are not successful in the voting booth.

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