Tim Kaine:  economic illiterate 

24 Jul

Tim Kaine reveals he is another economic illiterate in the US Senate who may be the next vice president of the Untied States.  His statement  that the federal government “creates” jobs is absolute nonsense.  He also states: “We will make college debt free for everybody. We’ll rewrite the rules so companies share profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas.”  In other words, more entitlements and more economic fascism.  He also wants, “paid family leave, equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage to a living wage ‘to keep families together and to bring them out of the shadows.’ ”  He and Hillary are economic authoritarians.  

“Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while introducing running mate Tim Kaine in Florida, slammed Donald Trump and last week’s Republican National Convention as painting a dismal picture of America’s future.”

Source: Clinton Promises With Kaine: We Will Make the Future Better

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