Tom Moran’s lame critique of champions of liberty, Ron Paul and Mike Doherty

22 Sep

Tom Moran, editor of the Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper, does his best to be a journalistic “hit man” in his piece, “NJ State Sen. Mike Doherty’s Ron Paul endorsement is revealing.”  Moran, an unabashed left-winger, lists a couple of Rep, Paul’s core positions—eliminating the income tax and abolishing the Federal Reserve.  In addition, Moran correctly points out that Rep. Paul “considers Medicare and Medicaid” to be unconstitutional.”

In other words, Ron Paul wants to reduce the size of the federal government to its constitutional duties.  Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there any authority for the federal government to provide healthcare for the American people.  If Moran can find in the U.S. Constitution the explicit authority for these programs, I will donate all my salary to the charity of his choice.

As Rep. Paul has said repeatedly, the federal government should maintain its commitment to senior citizens and have a transition period for Medicare recipients and poor people.  During the transition, young people would have to save so they would be responsible for themselves and their families as they go through life.  That would require phasing out the income tax so people can have more of their own income to put aside for their senior years.  Low income folks and the poor would eventually obtain healthcare through local charities so we can replace the wasteful and fraudulently ridden Medicaid program.

Abolishing the Federal Reserve is a no brainer.  The Fed’s “printing press”—actually an unlimited checking account—causes inflation; it also manipulates interest rates causing unsustainable booms, which always end in painful busts, as we are going through right now.

Rep. Ron Paul has been the most passionate defender of the American people’s civil liberties, voting against the Patriot Act and criticizing the TSA’s legal sexual assaults at the nation’s airports.

Moreover, as far as the issue of war and peace is concerned, Rep. Paul has been the most vocal critic of the federal government’s military adventurism, preemptive wars and the hugely expensive military-industrial complex. He has called for a noninterventionist foreign policy, which would help revive our economy and reduce the animus toward America in the Muslim world.

Every defender of civil liberties, fiscal conservatism and not using our military for nation building should applaud Mike Doherty’s endorsement of Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination.

As far as Moran’s crack that Ron Paul “would allow prostitution,” Earth to Tom.  The president of the United States does not have the ability to allow or disallow prostitution.  This is a state issue.  In fact, “prostitution” is already legal.  When a man whines and dines a woman and then they have an intimate moment at his or her place, that is usually called a “hot date.”  However, if a man pays a woman for sex, they both become “criminals.”  Hypocrisy has no bounds in America.

Tom Moran’s hit piece is more revealing of his economic illiteracy and unequivocal support for government misconduct at the nation’s airports, disrespect for the American people’s civil liberties, and defender of the Federal Reserve’s legalized counterfeiting and overseas empire.

In other words, Tom likes big government in all its evil manifestations.  Now that is revealing.


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