Why Ron Paul will win Iowa

16 Dec

With a little more than two weeks to go to the Iowa caucuses on January 3, 2012, Rep. Ron Paul is poised to win the caucuses because he is the most fiscal conservative candidate in the race, the most pro free enterprise candidate in the race, the most pro civil liberties candidate in the race, the candidate most critical of the Federal Reserve, the engine of the inflation and the cause of financial bubbles, and the candidate who does not want to go to war at the drop of a hat.

In short, Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who will abide by his oath to the Constitution and transform Leviathan into a limited federal government in Washington DC as the common sense founders envisioned.

At the debate aired by Fox News on December 15, the American people heard Ron Paul state he wants to be a “modest” president who will not want to rule the world or run the American peoples’ lives.

As his nature and his philosophy of government, Ron Paul does not have any “big ideas” to transform America from the grip of the crony capitalists and their bought and paid for members of Congress. Ron Paul wants to “cleanse the temple” of the redistributionists and warmongers. That’s why the GOP establishment, the neoconservatives, most of Wall Street, crony capitalists, the phony conservative pundits on radio and television, and the mainstream media, dislike—and that’s an understatement if there ever was one—Ron Paul and all he stands for.

Instead, students, young adults, small business owners, and lovers of liberty across the spectrum—racial, demographic and ethnic—love his honesty, sincerity, intelligence and trustworthiness. In other words, Ron Paul is a threat to the cherished welfare-warfare statism of the rapidly dwindling political elites.

Ron Paul pointed out clearly so even the densest commentator can understand; America is ruled by a coalition of welfare state advocates and warfare state proponents. This unholy alliance just voted to create an American dictatorship. The passage of the defense appropriation act includes a provision that allows the federal government to send American citizens to Gitmo because they may be suspected “terrorists” without due process in gross violation of the Fourth Amendment.

American colonists fought a bloody revolution for less egregious violations of human rights than the cabal that occupies both the Congress and the White House. The Ron Paul Revolution at the ballot box is the greatest movement against Big Government in America since 1776.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants the federal government to protect our natural rights to life, liberty and property. Ron Paul’s enemies are either statists on domestic issues, foreign policy issues or both.

Ron Paul’s enemies do not want the welfare-warfare state to end, because they would then have to get jobs in the private sector producing something of value. In a free America, politics as we know it virtually disappear because the federal government’s powers would be limited by the Constitution as it was intended by many of the Founders.

This is the real threat that Ron Paul poses to the welfare-warfare state crowd; he will take away their livelihood, by eliminating their gravy train, the unconscionable federal budget, the Fed’s printing press, and the military-industrial complex, In addition, the warmongering pundits who bloviate about Ron Paul’s humane—and common sense–foreign policy will have to find something else to love besides war.

Ron Paul will win Iowa because there are enough Republicans and Independents who have brains and realize that the congressman has made prescient remarks about terrorism and the financial bubbles during the past decade, and why the welfare-warfare state will lead to the nation’s financial ruin.

Ron Paul’s opponents have been clueless how blowback occurs, and have been equally clueless about how the Federal Reserve, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae caused the housing bubble.

Instead, we saw up close and personal how  the self-proclaimed Christians are really anti-Christians, when they   responded to the issue of Iran possibly obtaining a nuclear weapon. If Iran obtained just one nuclear weapon, it was hypothesized by one of the Fox questioners, the warmongers on stage were falling all over themselves calling for a military attack on a nation that poses no threat to the American people’s security. Ron Paul explained to Bachmann and the rest of the chicken hawks that Kennedy and Khrushchev avoided war over the Soviet missiles in Cuba during the fall of 1962 by diplomacy.

As I watched the debate my admiration for Ron Paul increased exponentially. I have known Ron Paul for nearly 30 years and his love of country, desire for peace and defender of our civil liberties, shown through despite being ignored by  the moderator during the last 45 minutes of the Fox debate. The debate also revealed why Ron Paul’s opponents should not win the GOP presidential nomination, let alone be commander in chief beginning in January 20, 2013.

Ron Paul’s win in Iowa would set the stage for him to win the GOP presidential nomination and create another realignment in American politics—statism versus liberty.

It would be fitting cap for his political career that Ron Paul would create a genuine two party system in America—Republicans who want a limited government republic and everyone else who wants an unlimited government at home and/or abroad would find their home in the Democratic Party.

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