You cannot make this stuff up

03 Nov
Snow in October, Cain leading the GOP field…for now, Romney saying anything to appease voters in Iowa and other states, financial “whiz” Jon Corzine drives MF Global into the ground, and the end of the world has been postponed, again.   You cannot make this stuff up.
To some, snow in October is yet more proof that global warming is real.  If we assume global warming is real, what is the evidence that human activity is causing temperatures to rise because of greenhouse gases?  See these two critiques, one written in the Daily Mail and the other by geophysicist David Deming.
Herman Cain is under fire for inappropriate behavior in the workplace.  On the one hand, I have sympathy for the pizza man.  Boorish behavior should not be a federal “offense.”  Adults should work this out in the workplace using policies and procedures that respect the dignity of all employees.  In other words, government should not be in the etiquette business.  This is a politically incorrect position in today’s culture.
Nevertheless, one of the reasons we have a stagnant economy is the seemingly endless litigation in the business sector including medical malpractice.  The truth is that all levels of government perpetrate a hostile environment in American by using coercion, intimidation and harassment of the American people with taxes, regulations, inflation and endless war.  In short, government needs to be reined in.  Although a recent poll indicated very low trust in government, the American people still support politicians who will not do anything to limit the power and scope of the federal government.  The pols want to appear  “mainstream.”
Cain’s call for a 9% national sales tax as an interim measure to an eventual huge national sales tax should disqualify him from getting any votes in the GOP primary.  The fact that he is leading in some states is an indictment of the stupidity of some Republican voters, who claim to be against higher taxes and want smaller government. Cain’s proposal does neither.  Addios amigo.
George Will demolishes Mitt Romney in a recent column.  It is a must read.
Jon Corzine’s brilliance as a money manager collapsed with the bankruptcy of MF Global the other day.  Corzine’s love of big government affected his investment decision by loading up on the sovereign debt of European welfare states.  We are witnessing the implosion of welfarism globally, but the political elites and the pundits are too blind to see it.  The day of reckoning is upon us.
The RevolutionPAC is holding a fundraiser on November 17th at the Marritot Glenpointe to help Ron Paul win the GOP nomination. Guest speakers inculude Tom Woods and former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer who will explain why Ron Paul is right on foreign policy.  Invitations were sent to well over a thousand individuals who supported my previous campaigns and/or have expressed support for limited government.
The world did not end on October 21 as predicted by Rev. Camping.  We will have to wait for 12/21/12, when the Mayans and other seers predict the end of the world.  In the meantime, enjoy life, work for liberty, and get ready for what could be an unusual winter if the October snowstorm is a harbinger of thing to come.  A  survival kit would be a good idea…just in case the weather gets nasty.
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