Roger Stone on the Clintons and Trump

15 Sep

a_002Last night political operative Roger Stone spoke at the Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club and had a book signing afterwards (The Clintons’ War on Women).

In more than 40 minutes of remarks Stone made the following points (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Stone is concerned that the election could be rigged because electronic voting machines can be easily hacked
  • The nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders because 12 states had electronic voting machines that were probably hacked to give Clinton victories in states she lost
  • Former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was Clinton mole to help rig the primary for Hillary
  • Bill Clinton is a sexual predator with a long history of abuse against women
  • Hillary Clinton has run the cover-up of her husband’s sexual abuses by hiring lawyers to develop dirt on Bill’s accusers
  • Hillary is a congenital liar; Putin has met Hillary Clinton and think she’s a liar
  • The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for the family and has received multi-million dollar bribes
  • Because Hillary used an unsecured private server while she was Secretary of State, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel and other countries probably have Hillary’s emails
  • Trump is an ardent nationalist who by no means is a perfect candidate and wants to have detente with Russia unlike Hillary who is making belligerent statements against Putin
  • Trump is a tough negotiator and should do well in international negotiations with other countries.  He does not want the US to engage in endless wars
  • The 1994 crime bill President Bill Clinton signed, which was responsible for the massive increase in incarceration of black and Hispanic youth because of draconian drug law penalties, will have an impact on minority turnout and support for Hillary

Roger Stone spoke without notes and did not miss a beat. He is an articulate spokesman for Trump’s candidacy and a “take no prisoners” critic of the Clintons. If Trump wins in November, Roger Stone’s expose of the Clintons would have proved invaluable.

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