Markets soaring as polls show Brexit vote will be defeated

20 Jun

A friend writes about today’s soaring markets in Asia and Europe:

I think today’s market action confirms that it was a planned murder of that MP by the EU bureaucrats. Weaponize a mentally deficient assassin, use the media to sway

public opinion, then goose up the markets to bribe the populous — result: Brits lose their sovereignty to a bunch of non-elected bureaucratic pedophiles bent on war with Russia.

The only winners out of all this will be the defense industry and the bankers that finance them. If there is still a world left afterward ….. then the construction industry will surge, and the banks again

will finance them. Losers will be innocent young people who fought for a false cause, or unfortunately became  collateral damage being trapped in a war zone. The economy will be great though.

The prosthetics industry will be booming and we’ll have low unemployment……. problems solved.

If Bremain and Hillary succeed, I think war is on the near horizon.

I’m feeling sick ….


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