A New York-New Jersey presidential race: Trump/Doherty vs. Clinton/Booker

04 Jun

If the American people want even more excitement in the presidential campaign this fall, Donald Trump should pick New Jersey state senator Mike Doherty, who endorsed The Donald way back in October when the pundits gave him no chance of winning the nomination, and Hillary Clinton, presuming she becomes the democratic presidential candidate despite Bernie Sanders’ vow to go to the Philadelphia convention and pull off the upset of all time, and survives the FBI’s investigation of her tenure at the State Department, should pick U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey as her running mate.

Two New Yorkers would head the GOP and Democratic tickets, and the two vice presidential nominees would be from New Jersey.   This would be the most exciting race in my lifetime and probably would generate the most interest in American history.

Mike Doherty, who I have known for at least ten years, is an Army veteran, supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and is an outspoken critic of America’s interventionist foreign policy.   He is a staunch advocate of limited government, a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights, and a fierce critic of crony capitalism, including the Federal Reserve and managed trade deals, in an era when GOP presidential candidates are hardly distinguishable from their Democratic rivals. In other words, Mike would articulate a vision that Donald seems to embrace, a downsized federal government and an America First foreign policy.   By choosing Mike as his running mate, Donald would send a signal to Republicans, Independents and disgruntled Democrats around the country that he is serious about reversing the multi decade march to greater and greater statism in America.

Hillary Clinton needs help to win the general election. The “smartest” women in America who according to reports was inept at using a desktop computer and therefore had her own IT network and cellphone while at the State Department, reminds me of the elementary school teacher nobody wanted to have as a student. Her speech pattern, which can best be described as shrill while her tone is patronizing and uninspiring, turns off male voters and undoubtedly many female voters as well. Enter the charismatic, articulate, and dynamic former Newark mayor and junior senator from the Garden State.

Cory Booker would bring several plusses to Hillary’s campaign, not the least of which is energizing young voters the way Hillary has not been able to do against a 74-year-old self-described democratic socialist. In other words, Hillary’s primary campaign has been a “flop,” in the sense she should have wrapped up the nomination months ago against the Independent senator from Vermont. Think about this, the much-vaunted Hillary juggernaut could still lose the nomination to Bernie, who admittedly is a long shot a month before the Democratic convention.

In addition, Booker would relish being Hillary’s “attack dog” against Donald, and if he should become vice president his path to the presidency becomes much easier in four or eight years. Hillary would be wise to pick Booker for no other reason than to have an articulate, intelligent running mate she could trust. And they both would raise oodles of money from Wall Street, which depends on the Democrats more and more (and Republicans as well) to have their backs when financial bubbles burst.

So there it is, Trump/Doherty vs. Clinton/Booker. Let the games begin.

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