Democrats: the party of death

17 Jun

The Democratic Party controls both houses of the New Jersey state legislature. Yesterday, in a procedural maneuver, the Democrats prevented Gov. Christie from reducing the onerous requirements to legally carry a firearm in the state. Although the Democrats are congratulating themselves for blocking Gov. Christie’s desire give New Jersey firearms owners the right to protect themselves and their families in public, the obvious take away from the Democrats’ actions are simple: they do not want people to be able to defend themselves in public venues like Orlando nightclub where 49 innocent souls were defenseless because it was “gun free zone”. Gun free zones are invitations to any one bent on committing mass murder.

After the Orlando shooting, the right to self-defense, a basic human right acknowledged by the United Nation’s declaration of human rights in Article 3, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person,” is ignored by well-meaning but misguided Democrats who think less firearms in the hands of the public would prevent tragedies like the massacre in Orlando.

As reported in The Record, “Because our Legislature has been proactive about firearm safety, New Jersey has the strongest gun safety laws in the nation and ranks among states with the fewest gun deaths in the nation,” said Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, D-Camden, the sponsor in the lower house. “In the wake of repeated incidents of mass violence involving firearms, the last thing we ought to do is increase the proliferation of firearms.” How would Greenwald then explain the proliferation of firearm deaths in Chicago during the past few years, which has one of most stringent gun control laws in America? The cause and effect of deaths by firearms and gun control is tenuous.

New York City has had very strict gun laws for decades and gun related murders have fluctuated between more than 2,000 per year to less than 300. Again, the link between gun control and firearm deaths is indeed shaky.  Moreover, gun deaths by suicide are on the rise while homicide rates are declining.

Democrats have one mantra: guns kill therefore they should be restricted. Actually, bullets do the physical damage to human beings but that is a minor observation. Because evil people want to harm other people,  that makes all crimes “hate crimes.”

If Democrats continue to refuse law abiding citizens the right to self defense in public, the next time a mass shooting occurs gun grabbers from both parties, but primarily Democrats, will have blood on their hands, because they do not believe in the sanctity of life.

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