Eck versus Lonegan: the choice is clear

07 Aug

Below is a letter I sent to The Record about its profile of Steve Lonegan on August 6.

Re “Lonegan would stick to his principles,” (August 6) about the former Bogota mayor’s never ending quest to win a statewide race, Republican voters have to ask, which principles?

In his profile (page A-4), Lonegan is silent on the issue of federal taxation.  I wonder why?  In the  2009 gubernatorial primary campaign, Steve Lonegan supported a massive income tax hike on low and middle income families with his call for a flat income tax. Does Lonegan still support tax hikes on low and middle income families?
Lonegan claims to be a staunch civil libertarian, opposing the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance program against the American people.  However, he supported President Bush’s Patriot Act, an egregious violation of the American people’s civil liberties.  Lonegan is also quoted, (page A-4) “American cannot, and should not, and is not the police force for the rest of the world.  Yet, Longean supported the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq.
Lonegan’s latest principle is supporting a ban on gambling outside of Atlantic City,  He therefore is a proponent of crony capitalism, the antithesis supposedly of fiscal conservatives, independents and others whose votes he is seeking in the U.S. Senate GOP primary.
The bottom line, Lonegan will say what he thinks he needs to say to win votes.  His opponent, Dr. Alieta Eck, is a proven fiscal conservative, a defender of individual liberty, and will stick to her principles in the United States Senate of limited government and local solutions to healthcare and other issues.
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