How the gas crunch could have been alleviated

04 Nov

While driving back from the Hackensack Costco a few minutes ago, where the blue laws were suspended today,  and seeing so many gas stations closed, it dawned on me that the oil companies and the the big box stores, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Target, etc., could have come to the rescue by leasing–or donating–generators to the gas stations that lost power and cannot pump the gas out of their tanks.  Whether  this would have eliminated the short-term shortage is doubtful, but at least more gas would have been flowing to drivers who have to now wait hours in line.  Of course, prices should rise to reflect the demand/supply reality but that obviously is too much common sense for our intrepid leaders to contemplate.

Where are the creative folks in corporate America?  And what a PR coup for “big business” if they  had been proactive and used a little imagination.

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