How to fund education in a free society

15 Sep

Another commission.  Puleez!  The only solution to “school funding” is to make each government school a 501(c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit funded by tuition, grants, endowment income and other non-coercive means.  No more commissions, no income tax, no school property tax, no more politicians running schools, no more federal government mandates,  no more state mandates…and finally teachers in control of curriculum and other educational matters and accountable to parents for the quality of their teaching.  As far as the educational needs of low income students throughout the state, families would create co-ops to educate their kids.

If you support the above proposals, you are a “revolutionary” who wants to create a free society.  Otherwise, you are a tinkerer of the status coercive quo.

“As the Senate President Steve Sweeney has the power to get his school-funding reforms enacted into law; instead he’s proposing setting up yet another committee…”

Source: Steve Sweeney could pass his school-funding reforms; instead he’s creating a commission

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