Steve Lonegan again is not ready for prime time

10 Aug

According to Politico, a Lonegan campaign account tweeted “Cory Booker’s foreign policy debate prep notes” showing areas of Newark circled with names of African, Middle Eastern and other nations. Lonegan campaign spokesman, Rick Shaftan, stated that a campaign worker made the unauthorized tweet.  Nonsense.  No communication leaves the Lonegan campaign unless Shaftan wrote it or authorized it.  End of story.

Rather than discuss the economic issues that should be aired, Lonegan and company are using the demographics of Newark as a wedge issue to drive voters on primary day Tuesday, August 13.  Why?

But the more interesting sidebar to the Lonegan persona is his public pronouncements that he is a supporter of free enterprise.  More nonsense.

When Lonegan was mayor of Bogota, he criticized McDonald’s for having a billboard in Spanish. For someone who has a Masters of Business Administration degree, Lonegan obviously failed the course in Marketing 101.  To reach customers a company needs to communicate a message, and with many Spanish-speaking residents in New Jersey, communicating that message in Spanish seems like a no-brainer.  Except to Steve Lonegan, alleged supporter of free enterprise.

In short, Steve Lonegan does not know the first thing about free enterprise, the first thing about marketing, and is unfit for public office.  Lonegan’s temperament, demeanor and tactics disqualify him from public office, let alone being a United States Senator.

On August 13, Republican voters should—no, must– vote for Dr. Aleita Eck, who will be a huge asset for the liberty movement in the United States Senate.  Dr. Eck has all the qualities to make a great U.S. Senator.



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