The privatization task force, first steps to fixing New Jersey

12 Mar

Governor Christie has created a privatization task force headed by former congressman Dick Zimmer.  The task force will make recommendations to the governor that ostensibly will reduce the cost of state government.   The governor will accept or reject the task force’s recommendations.     One member of the task force is John Galandak, president of Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, was president of the Foundation for Free Enterprise, the education affiliate of CIANJ, prior to being appointed head of CIANJ.  I have known John for 25 years, and we worked together for more than 20 years delivering the World of Free Enterprise program to public school children, primarily in Bergen County.   John has the unique perspective of a business association trade leader who understand completely the strengths of the free enterprise system and how taxes, government spending and regulations undermine prosperity and job creation.  John should not be shy in advocating a massive downsizing of state government, and in keeping with sound free market principles, steep cuts in taxes and an overhaul of the regulatory climate in the Garden State.

In addition, John should also advocate for free enterprise education.  He should call for teachers, principals, administrators, parents and other stakeholders to run local public schools.  That means schools becoming nonprofit institutions, relying on tuition, fees, grants and other non-tax means to pay for all school costs.

In short, if Governor Christie wants to strike a blow for financial accountability, transparency and a massive reduction in property taxes, especially for senior citizens, then the “nonprofitization” of K-12– and public higher– is an idea whose time has come.

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