Low balling the costs of government programs is “normal”

Government officials have lied thorough their teeth about the income tax (rates would not go up, Ha), Federal Reserve (the dollar’s purchasing power would be stabilized),  Social Security (rates would never go up, income subject tot the tax would never up), Medicare (future costs would be reasonable, doctors would be fairly compensated) and Medicaid (costs would be reasonable, doctors would be paid fairly) over the past 100 years to get their big government legislation passed.  If you believe government officials about the future costs about any new tax or social program, I have a bridge to sell you.  


Six months in advance of a planned exit from NJ, UnitedHealthcare no longer covers care provided at Hackensack University Medical Center for people who bought coverage on healthcare.gov.

Source: UnitedHealthcare drops Obamacare plans at Hackensack University Medical Center – News – NorthJersey.com

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