Ron Paul for president…and DiLorenzo, Napolitiano, Rockwell or Woods for VP

14 Mar

Will Ron Paul run for president in 2012?  That’s the question liberty lovers are asking around the country?  And while Dr. Paul has been noncommittal, the groundwork is being laid, in my humble opinion, for another Paul for President campaign in 2012.  Dr. Paul easily defeated his primary opponents for his House seat in early March.  He won reelection in 2008 unopposed.  If he has any opposition in November, it will be irrelevant.  Dr. Paul’s reelection to the House is a shoo-in.

Ron should declare his candidacy in late 2010 or early 2011.  He should declare by December 1, 2010,  for reasons I will explain below.  Before Ron declares he will seek the GOP nomination for president he will have to get the blessing of his family and deftly handle the “age issue.”

His family is one of Ron’s strengths as a candidate and as a human being.   Ron’s family realizes that destiny has called upon him to restore liberty in America.  His wife Carol and their children and grandchildren will be solidly behind Ron running for president, one that should not be as challenging as 2008.

Ron will be 75 years old this year and would be 78 on inaugural day in 2013.   The age issue can be handled easily.  After all, Eisenhower was 70 years old when he finished his second term, and Reagan was 78 when he left the White House in 1989.  It therefore would be fitting that Ron finish his second term at age 86, continuing the tradition of GOP presidents who leave the White House well into their senior years.   Ron appears to be in great shape, physically and mentally.  And this time around Ron will get incredible support during a grueling nationwide campaign, especially if he announces who his running mate will be when he declares his candidacy on or about December 1, 2010.

A running mate will allow Ron and his VP choice to cover twice the amount of territory as his GOP opponents during the primary season. That would allow the Ron Paul/VP campaign to create more of a buzz than the conventional presidential campaign of any of the Establishment candidates.  It also means that  Ron and his VP will  get more free media coverage during the campaign, especially at the local level, as well as enormous press coverage when he announces  his running mate later this year.

Who should Ron choose to be his running mate?  In alphabetical order, he should choose one of the following great defenders of liberty in America today:   Thomas DiLorenzo, Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell, or Thomas Woods.   If Ron chooses any of these four great spokesmen for the liberty philosophy to be his running mate, he would get an articulate, uncompromising champion of liberty who would connect with young people as well as he has and provide enormous additional intellectual firepower to his presidential run.

All four potential VP candidates are accomplished authors, and Ron would also get someone on his ticket who has the credentials to debunk the Lincoln myth once and for all, and who could also reveal how America has been ruled by a clique of statists for 150 years.  What a history lesson the American people and the media!

Furthermore, Ron would get other benefits from choosing any of these libertarians, a pro-life Catholic as his running mate.  Ethnic/religious/cultural affiliations matters.  Any of these three candidates would add excitement to the Ron Paul presidential ticket.

The Ron Paul/DiLorenzo, Napolitano, Rockwell, Woods ticket would be America’s first post partisan presidential campaign of the 21st century.  When Ron announces later this year, he should go to the Democratic caucus and seek the support of antiwar, pro civil liberties and fiscal conservative Democrats, and then go to his colleagues in the House and Senate and let them know in no uncertain terms that big government, whether supported by Democrats or Republicans, has brought us to the precipice of bankruptcy.  In short, Ron’s campaign theme should be Liberty not Statism.  It’s not about Republican versus Democrat, Right versus Left, but about Liberty versus Power.

With a campaign theme banner flying high, Ron Paul and his supporters should actively recruit young people and independents to register as Republicans so they can vote for peace, liberty and Bill of Rights.

After Ron announces he is running for president with his running mate, there should be a two Money Bombs in December 2010.  One would be on  December 15, the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, and the second would be on December 23, the day President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act.  If one million Ron Paul supporters contribute only $18 ($17.76 rounded to the nearest dollar, $18, which in Hebrew is chai, meaning life), the Ron Paul 2012 presidential ticket would have raised $36 million in less than two weeks.  This would frighten off most GOP presidential wannabees by early 2011.

And in 2011, another Money Bomb could be held in February 3,  the anniversary of the Sixteenth Amendment, which allows the federal government to levy a direct income tax.  The second money bomb of 2011 could be held on July 4th, for obvious reasons.   Again if one million supporters contribute $18 at each money bomb, plus any additional support that comes since the Paul presidential campaign was off in running in December 2010, it is possible that $100 million would be raised by September 2011.

By the fall of 2011, the Ron Paul presidntial campaign would be the talk of the nation and the world.  The GOP Establishment would be in a panic and would rally behind Mitt Romney or Gov. Daniels of Indiana.

If Ron announces he will be a candidate for president in 2012 and runs a flawless campaign, wins the GOP nomination and the presidency, then the prospects for liberty in our lifetimes increase exponentially.

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