The Steinberg Curse

03 Nov

Alan Steinberg is a well known New Jersey Republican who served as a Regional EPA Administrator in the George W. Bush presidency.  He currently writes for, appears on radio and television talk shows to discuss politics and public policy, and is an adjunct professor at Monmouth University.  We have appeared together several times on Julie Briggs’ Political Roundtable on WMTR, 1250 AM.

As I recall (my memory could be hazy) Alan initially supported Scott Walker in the GOP presidential primary and then Jeb Bush and then Ted Cruz.  Now, he supports Hillary Clinton instead of the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, who he has criticized unmercifully on his Facebook page and in other venues.  Why Republicans like Alan, who is a very smart guy, support a Democrat for president, let alone the big government, ethically challenged and probable criminal nominee Hillary Clinton, is incomprehensible.  Hillary is wrong on every major issue and could trigger a shooting war with Russia, if president, by imposing a no-fly zone in Syria.  She is a warmonger, plain and simple.

Given Alan’s track record of supporting losers in the GOP primary and breaking ranks with the grassroots in their passionate support for Donald, I am predicting that Alan’s support for Hillary will keep his track record intact in this presidential cycle and she will lose the presidency to Trump next Tuesday.  


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