Osama bin Laden and Ratko Mladic

31 May

A navy seal team hunted down Osama bin Laden, found him in a Pakistani compound shot and killed him, and then dumped his body in the ocean.   No indictment, no trial, no witnesses against bin Laden for the whole world to hear about his alleged masterminding of the attacks on 9/11 and other terrorist acts.  On May 26, nearly four weeks after bin Laden was “taken out” by the seals, police captured former Serbian general and alleged war criminal Ratko Mladic in his native country.

Mladic had been indicted for ordering the massacre of approximately 8,000 Muslims in 1995. Now the general will stand trial, and witnesses will testify about his orders to kill unarmed civilians in the mid 1990s during a period known as ethnic cleaning in Serbia.

The obvious question that must be raised is why was Osama bin Laden not indicted and captured alive so he could stand trial?  In addition, the other question that should be raised is, why was Ratko Mladic not shot dead when he was captured?  These questions cry out for explanations because Mladic is allegedly responsible for more deaths than bin Laden.  The general was indicted for committing genocide for his alleged acts.  bin Laden, on the other hand, was not indicted by an court and was not even on the FBI’s list of Ten Most Wanted list.

So what the heck is going on?


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