A letter from a Ramapo College alum

02 Sep

Dear Dr. Sabrin:

As an amateur economist and graduate of these hallowed halls at Ramapo, I ask you and wonder as I notice the Ramapo website as they’ve invited “economist” Paul Krugman to speak there.  I was hopeful that you would speak for all of those common sense people who understand that the free-market system does work and printing money into obscurity doesn’t create a well functioning economy unless Dr. Krugman really believes that Zimbabwe’s economic system is treating their people just peachy.
I am hopeful that you will be able to question him about why most “conventional” economist didn’t see the bubble economy for what it was and rather correctly the Austrians who had set out the warning alarms were ignored even after the bubble burst.

It’s people like you that make me a proud alum of Ramapo College despite not having you as a professor, but makes the college truly well known enough in the liberty movement to know your name.  Please keep up the good work and continue exposing them to the truth and not the trash that he continues to tell.

Ryan Gilroy

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