An email from a friend who had Covid

05 Apr

He also sent this link from the Laura Ingraham show a year ago.

How many lives could have been saved if nonconventional protocols had been used during the past year? MS

“I had Covid in late December – mid/late January. I was swabbed on 12/24 and immediately started Hydrozychloroquine + Zpac therapy. My positive test result came back 5 days later. I was nearly finished with Hydroxy before the test result came back.

“Outrageous that Hydroxy was pulled off the “good guys” list after nearly 70 years of effective and safe use. The price of that drug through my pharmacy was $3.00 + $6.00 for the Zpac. The supplements and vitamins that I take [for Covid immunity] are far more costly.

“Soon after the vaccines were introduced Hydroxychloroquine went back on the OK to Dispense roster. 

“Our son is a Doc. His hospital strongly suggested he follow the recommended protocols. Many other Docs who are personal friends quietly told me essentially the same thing.”

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