August 6, 1949

06 Aug

On August 6, 1949 I arrived in America with my parents, who were the only members of their respective families to survive the Holocaust, and my older brother after a five-day voyage across the Atlantic.  My parents had no more than $150 with them. We were met at a west side Manhattan pier by my mother’s aunt and uncle from Paterson, New Jersey, who thought I was a two year old girl because of my long, blond hair.   

In West Germany before we left for America.

We settled in lower Manhattan and lived in a three-room railroad apartment sharing a hallway bathroom with neighbors and having a bathtub in the kitchen. Soon after my younger brother Max was born we moved (August 1953) to a two-bedroom Bronx apartment (eventually moving downstairs to a three-bedroom apartment) where I lived until I married Florence in 1968.  And in 1959, 60 years ago this past June, I raised my right hand at the Federal Courthouse in lower Manhattan and swore to support the US Constitution. 

America has changed dramatically since that hot August day seven decades ago.  The good news–the standard of living has increased substantially for youngsters of the baby boom generation who became of age in the 1950s and 60s.  The bad news—the welfare-warfare state, which I have been criticizing for more than for decades, is undermining our prosperity and has been violating our fundamental American value of no entangling alliances and peaceful commerce around the world.

The epicenter of crony capitalism and enabler of the welfare-warfare state is the Federal Reserve.  The Fed creates money out of thin air that not only causes the cycle of boom and bust by manipulating interest rates, which creates bubbles, but also keeps interest rates lower than they otherwise be so the big spenders in DC can run deficits and borrow ad infinitum…so far. 

We need a major reorganization of the Federal government, to say the least.  As far as the Federal Reserve is concerned, my new book, Why The Federal Reserve Sucks, reveals that the Fed undermines our economy and thus we need a national discussion about how to rein in its enormous power.  If enough Americans read my book and demand a return to a free market economy based on real savings, then the future would be indeed bright. 

If your organization or company wants to purchase at least 50 copies of the book, there is a substantial discount.  Please message me on FB for pricing.   

In the fall I intend to give the Raciti Memorial Lecture at Ramapo College:  America, the Next 70 Years.  More details will be forthcoming.  

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