Ciattarelli wins as Kim Guadagno pulls a no-show at Hunterdon convention 

The GOP nomination will not be a coronation. On the 40th anniversary of the income tax, we know Republican governors have done nothing to lighten the property tax load on their constituents for decades.  Time for an “independent” governor?  

Not only are property taxes onerous….all taxes are onerous because they are involuntary exchanges–legalized takings  Education should be “desocialized.”  However, if parents want to send their children to public schools, they should pay for them like they pay for kids’ other needs…with user fees.  Parents who send their children to religious or independent schools or home school should be exempt from school property taxes and the state income tax.  In addition, childless single homeowners and couples should also be exempt from these taxes.  The property tax problem solved and the income tax abolished.  Anything less will perpetuate the tax and spend education merry go round.  

“For almost eight years now Kim Guadagno has been telling us she’ll cut taxes, but she refuses to tell suburban homeowners if she has a plan to give them state aid equal to the cities.”

Source: Ciattarelli wins as Kim Guadagno pulls a no-show at Hunterdon convention | Mulshine

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