Connecting with investigative journalist Ben Swann

15 Jul

I spoke with former Fox TV (Cincinnati affiliate) journalist Ben Swann today via Skype about his Truth in Media project.  Ben is in the process of raising funds to provide an alternative to the mainstream media. His website,, gives an overview of his activities since he left Fox.  We chatted for nearly an hour about how the MSM is losing audiences and that the future of news will be on the Internet.

To help Ben with his project,  please visit,

In an update, Ben wrote:

I am so honored by the nearly 4,000 people who have contributed over a quarter of a million dollars in just over 30 days to the Truth In Media project! Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal which means that if we do not reach the 1.25 million in 10 days (and we almost certainly will not) then your credit card will not be charged.
Here is where I would like to ask for your help once again. With the $267,000 dollars we have raised already, we have reached 20% of our goal. While we cannot produce 100 episodes of Ben Swann Full Disclosure, we could do a scaled version of this plan and roll out 20 episodes.
Here is what I propose. If you go to there is an option to donate via paypal. If we can move the $267,000 in backing to paypal we will not have to pay the kickstarter and amazon fees. We WILL still honor the rewards from here on kickstarter.
There are 1007 of you who have pledged various amounts with no reward selected. You are in fact the largest single group of backers standing with Truth in Media. If you would simply move that backing to Paypal, we can move this project forward together!
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