Equal Pay for Equal Work?

31 Jan

The Record published my letter last Saturday but has not been posted on its website.

Regarding “A workable solution on pay equity is within our reach” (Other Views, January 27):

Sen. Doherty correctly states the flaws in S – 992, which the New Jersey Senate failed to override Gov. Christie’s conditional veto, as a triumph of common sense over egregious burdens on employers to prove they are not committing wage discrimination against women.

However, the whole notion of “equal pay for equal work” is in general a non-problem seeking a solution. If there is systematic wage discrimination against women as the proponents of equal pay equity laws assert, then no woman who is seeking employment should be unemployed.

Employers are always looking to hire the best talent at the lowest cost possible, so if women are in fact paid less than men for equal work employers should only hire women who could do the same work for less pay.

There is no need to have equal pay for equal work laws. There are too many variables that determine wages in the marketplace for the government to know whether “wage discrimination” is occurring. Ironically, government is the greatest discriminator of all. Both federal and state governments discriminate massively by taxing income earners at different rates. In other words, government punishes success with the progressive income tax.

If legislators want to and systematic discrimination in our society, then they should abolish the progressive income tax and replace it with nothing or a per capita tax, where everyone pays the same amount.

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