How to solve the border crisis…muy pronto.

12 Mar

The flood of undocumented immigrants coming into America across our southern border is another egregious example of the Biden administration’s early failures.  To have an orderly, legal flow of immigrants to the US, the leadership of the Border Patrol union(s) should send the following letter to President Biden.  This should stop the massive influx of unaccompanied children and end the exploitation by Mexican gangs of families who are desperate to come to America.

Dear Mr. President:

It appears that hundreds of thousands of undocumented citizens of Central America will be entering America in violation of our laws in the first 100-200 days of your administration.  Our border patrol members are being overwhelmed by your “open border” policy. 

Your administration must reverse course and send us the needed resources to prevent Covid positive individuals and others who may have TB and/or other infectious diseases from being sent to the rest of the country.  We also are concerned that criminals are entering our country and your administration is not doing anything to prevent this unconscionable policy.

If you continue the current open border policy, our members have decided we are no longer needed at the border. Thus, our members will take unpaid leave until your administration implements policies to protect the American people from undocumented immigrants.  The undocumented can stay in our country if they are vetted properly and have sponsors—members of Congress, past presidents, current and past federal government officials and others Americans—who would come to the border and arrange for the undocumented families to go home with them.  The sponsors would be responsible for the undocumented until they become financially independent.

Mr. President, the ball is in your court.  Protect the border or allow hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of undocumented to come to America.  I can assure you the photos and videos of massive breaches our border will make the nightly news everyday until the border crisis is addressed.

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