It’s Happening

05 Mar

I grew up asking my parents about their experiences before and during the Holocaust.   My father told me who knew Hitler would be the evil dictator he turned out to be.  Years ago CNBC produced a documentary about Peter Drucker, the father of modern management.  Drucker left his native Austria for England soon after Hitler came to power, because he pointed out he read Mein Kampf and realized the Fuhrer meant it.  

The Democrats are taking the country to a totalitarian state.  If you think this is hyperbole, you have not been paying attention to cancel culture and the strategy to create permanent one-party rule with H.R. 1.  Strassel’s WSJ column today lays it all out as does Martin Armstrong,

Digital book burning has replaced the book fires of Nazi Germany,

History may be repeating itself, see

Freedom in America is hanging by a thread.  However, the Democrats will overplay their hand.  What will happen in the months and years is hard to predict with certainty.   Will we see a V For Vendetta moment in America?

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