Noninterventionist ideas are winning

04 Jul

Tom Woods writes:


Yes, I know: Hillary Clinton regrets her support for the war in Iraq.

Big freaking deal.

Has she rethought the knee-jerk interventionism behind her decision? Of course not.

Will she support the next seven wars, pushed on us with even flimsier rationales? The question answers itself.

So I understand people’s skepticism, or even outright lack of interest, when a war supporter claims to have changed his mind.

But there are exceptions: people who have really changed their minds. Not only on this particular war, but on the whole mentality that culminates in support for wars like Iraq.

Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina is a good example of this. He’s the guy who urged us to call French fries “freedom fries” in protest of inadequate support from France over Iraq.

Today, Congressman Jones misses no opportunity to denounce the warmongers, and sits on the Board of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

But I’ve got another one for you.

Jim Hale was media relations director for the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Bill Kristol, John McCain, and similar characters were involved in it. It was big.

Not only has Jim repudiated his support for the Iraq war, but he’s also come out in favor of strict nonintervention, in the tradition of Ron Paul.

How do I know? Because he wrote to tell me he’d been listening to the show for a couple months and learning a great deal from it. I invited him on, and the result is the astonishing episode 691.

As we recorded the interview (several days before it appeared), I asked him if he’d gone public yet with his change of heart.

He hadn’t. I was the first one he told. That was a thrill.

Here’s what else he said, on the air:

I’ve been a big fan of yours now for the last couple of months, when I first discovered you. I never miss a podcast….

I started listening to your podcast, going back and reading the rationale for Ron Paul’s foreign policy. I read his book The Revolution, I’ve got a big stack of books that I took right off your website right in front of me here….

I owe you a big debt, everything I hear on your podcast, and in what you write — I’m almost through right now with The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, which is outstanding…. God has blessed you with extraordinary communication abilities, and I thank you, sir, for everything you’re doing.

That just blew me away.

This is one you’d be nuts to miss.

Tom WoodsP.S. We’re down to just 9 cabins we can guarantee at current pricing for the Contra Cruise, so if you’d like to go on vacation with me, jump on board now:

P.P.S. Happy Independence Day. Hope you enjoyed my email a couple days ago on the three reasons they don’t dare tell you the true meaning of July 4th!

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