Obama’s Farewell Address

11 Jan

In his 51 minute farewell address last night, President Obama asserted that the essence of our democracy is the welfare-warfare state.  Despite his rhetorical flourishes and virtual flawless delivery, Obama heaped praise on the power of government to improve people’s lives and spread “democracy” throughout the world.  And the Obama synchophants in the Chicago audience ate it up, interrupting Obama with robust applause and several standing ovations.

The welfare-warfare state is a colossal economic, financial, social and foreign policy failure.  Andy yet Obama attempted to conflate the “goodness” of America with the redistribution of income and endless wars.  In other words, Obama is an unrepentant interventionist who believes “democracy” is the most valuable political construct in our lives. Democracy, which one sage defined years ago, is when two foxes and a hen decide what to have for lunch.  Obama is the epitome of the fox.

America needs a restoration of our founding principles, limited government, secure property rights, free markets, sound money, and peaceful relations with other nations, not collectivism at home and bullying around the world.  Obama’s eight years of failures must be reversed.  Is the president elect up to the task of making America free again?

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