Political buzz words

20 Feb


When “responsible” Republicans– in the eyes of Democrats and the mainstream media (MSM)–support:

  1. Higher taxes to reduce the deficit.
  2. More government spending to demonstrate their “compassion” for the American people.
  3. More regulations to counter “man caused global warming (climate change)” and other myths about the environment.
  4. More government control over medicine to demonstrate their “compassion” for the American people.
  5. Shielding the Federal Reserve from an audit to see what is really going on behind the closed doors of the greatest legal counterfeiter in human history.

Moderate Politician

Republicans and Democrats who want to work in the spirit of bipartisanship and have  a pleasing–nonabrasive– persona, e.g. Senator Evan  Bayh, Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator Susan Collins, to name a few.

Fair Share

Usually invoked by Democrats who assert that upper income individuals should be plundered more by all levels of government to support the welfare state.  Democrats typically support higher marginal tax rates as the best way to reduce the deficit.  Republicans also support legal plunder, the progressive income tax.    When was the last time an establishment Republican called for the repeal of the progressive income tax and replacing it with nothing?

Compassionate Politician, aka, Phony Philanthropist

An elected official who wants to use legal plunder to take money from one citizen and give it to another citizen.

Fiscal Responsibility

Borrowing trillions of borrowed money to support the welfare-warfare state.

Government Stimulus

Creating money out of thin air to prop the banking system so they can make hundreds of billions of dollars at the expense of the middle class who are getting close to zero interest rates on their savings.  Spending trillions of dollars the federal government has to borrow to line the pockets of the politically well connected, aka, the military-industrial congressional-consultancy complex (MICC).


  1. Anyone who opposes the income tax.
  2. Anyone who wants to free education from the government.
  3. Anyone who wants to phase out Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  4. Anyone who wants the federal government to abide by the U.S. Constitution.
  5. Anyone who wants to end our disastrous Middle East policy and preemptive war.
  6. Anyone who want to abolish the Federal Reserve and end legalized counterfeiting.
  7. Anyone who wants to reestablish liberty, free enterprise and end entangling alliances overseas.
  8. Anyone who wants to determine whether to vaccinate their children.
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