Pre Publication Reviews of Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle

21 Jun

“Dr. Sabrin presents a clear, easily readable set of guidelines and techniques to help business people navigate through the perilous waters of a mixed market economy created by government mismanagement and intervention. A great read for entrepreneurs, middle and top management, and university students…and the politicians and bureaucrats who created this obstacle course.”  

Robert W. McGee, JD, PhD, DSc, CPA 

Fayetteville State University 

“This is an excellent practical guide for businesspeople to help them understand – and adjust

their behavior and decision-making to – the business cycle. The pitch to the target reader

seems just right – serious economics, data and analytics presented in a non-academic, business press style.”

Hunter Hastings

Economist and venture capitalist

Economics for Entrepreneurs

“The complexities of today’s business climate keep growing.  Operating a successful business requires time, resources, knowledge, and skills.  This book is a must have tool in every businesses’ toolkit.  The insights, techniques and knowledge Dr. Sabrin shares in this book will help businesses grow and set them on a sustainable path to success.”

Anthony Russo

President – Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey

CEO/Publisher – COMMERCE Magazine

Dr. Sabrin, in his Navigating the Boom-Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, brings new brilliance to the timeless Chinese saying,  “It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.” He, on these pages, has lit hundreds of candles to illuminate every corner of entrepreneurship and economics.  No longer will the reader need to stumble through the shadowy future.  Every ray of understanding, here in, is at your fingertips. Enjoy and prosper.

Dwight Carey, Serial entrepreneur for over 60 years involved with over 200 startups.

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Engineering, Temple University.

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