Rand Paul rising?

20 Jun

A few days ago I sent the following Update to my email list. Did Rand Paul read it? See his essay published a few days later,

Sen. Rand Paul caused a firestorm by endorsing Mitt Romney. Sen. Paul could have deflected the criticism by stating that as Republican he wants to defeat a Democrat president who supports big government at home and abroad. Needless to say, he should have said that he has taken an oath to defend the constitution of the United States, not to support blindly the president even if he is a Republican. That’s why he should have said I look forward to working with Mitt Romney if he becomes president to protect and preserve the limited government principles of our Republic and challenge him when I believe he is not being true to his oath of office.

That would have satisfied Ron Paul’s supporters. Now Sen. Paul has lost a lot of credibilty with Ron Paul’s supporters who are the most loyal and hardest workers in American politics. Can Sen. Rand repair the damage? Only time will tell.

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